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Puerto Vallarta is an international well-known beach destination due to its warm waters, exotic natural beauty and top-notch facilities that blend in with its warm hospitality. There’s plenty of beaches to discover and to choose as your favorite, each of them with a particular enchantment, some of them are accessible only by boat, hidden and surrounded by magical sceneries, others with plenty of life going around them. But when you thought you found paradise, from north to south you’ll keep discovering more!

Yelapa is a tropical paradise, only accessible by boat, located 45 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta. Yelapa is an exotic small fisherman’s village. With restaurants and beach clubs where you can enjoy a day full of sun and relaxed atmosphere.
You can also find small hotels on the beach. Yelapa is also famous for its homemade pies, which are a delicious treat while sunbathing at the beach. One of Yelapas’ main attractions is hiking to its waterfall. A 30 to 40 minutes walk with great scenarios to stop for some photos.
This trek takes you through the jungle up the mountains and it ends receiving you with a natural pool of fresh and clean cool water from the waterfall.

Tour to Yelapa here.

This is a remote and hidden beach located around 20 minutes by car from downtown Puerto Vallarta, visited mostly by locals who know where the good beaches are.
You’ll find clear turquoise waters and a place on the warm sand to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

This is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Located in the Olas Altas or Romantic Zone area, very close to downtown, it’s an easy walk from the Malecon, where you can find the renovated iconic pier with an outstanding view to the Pacific Ocean.